Ibtida Rehabilitation – A Splendid Initiation for Social Resurrection

Socially rejected people are considered as ‘untouchables’ or malaich with whom no one want to have any sort of interaction let alone relationship. In this dark reality, there has emerged an excellent institution replete with God-fearing people who rejecting this notion have started to rejuvenate this dismantled strata of society towards a respectable life and living.
Addiction when becomes compulsion leads to destruction. People who relentlessly become compulsive to drugs, or any such thing they cannot envisage to live without which can make their life immensely unproductive and deflated. When the behavior of people become drugs-driven, it will not be wrong to opine that they have become addicted to drugs they are habitual in need of. They become vulnerable to physical dependency and psychological despondency which, in turn, destroy their mental and physical health.
Indeed, strong compulsion to drugs is a mental disease which can be treated psychologically. In addition, people who are suffering from such illness, though show anomalous patterns of behaviors, yet it will not be right to pen down that they cannot resurrect from this disease they are going through. Believing in this notion, the pioneers of Ibtida Rehabilitation, Mr. Priest Julien and his wife Anila Julien have taken the initiative to get these people back to the life infested with unbridled respect and prestige.
Initially, it seems to be difficult to deal with the people suffering from such mental disease. But, with relentless patience and consistent inculcation, their brains can be induced and enlightened with creativity, passion and progress-driven activities. Undoubtedly, motivational and inspirational speeches bear importance in our life, yet sometimes these speeches could not get desired results what a few short activities can get.
The institution which is a home to these socially-rejected people organized a training session program for them in which they were given a few balloons, charts and obsolete newspapers and were asked to prepare something out of it. All participants amalgamating balloons, charts and newspapers tried to make some meaningful things out it. Some of them built long buildings where as other ones sought to build tall buildings. Meaning thereby is, this activity made them engaged to carve out creativity.
The project running by the institution comprises detoxification, rehabilitation and preventive awareness and measures. Detoxification, the first part, is pivotal and inevitable as it is the initial stage where toxic-driven-addicted socially rejected people get purified. Once this step completes, then they ascend for rehabilitation where they get reassembled toward life. The cycle of rehabilitation completes with the penetration of relentless activities infested with creativity and passion for living and loving life. Subsequently, when rehabilitation takes over them and starts producing results, then preventive measures are disseminated to them time and again so that the consequences of taking drugs can play a role of deterrence for their present and upcoming life revealing them their life can be in utter jeopardy once again if they resonate to the drugs again.
The project is segregated in three different categories for children, adults and old-age people who are socially rejected and habitually drugs-addicted. For kids, they are running bacho and bachao, for adults they have ‘jiyo or jeenay do’ and the most important one they have ‘Fikro mein’ for adults. The recent activity taken place at the institution made these socially-degenerated people learn the benefits of team work. They learnt how rewarding it could have been if they work in a team with positive energy. In addition, they were induced with the magic of the vibes of this energy which can get them fruitful and mind-blowing results.
Moreover, they were infused with an art and skill of persistent effort marked with perseverance and determination. They were given a task of building a tower in a group. They learnt to make a tower, they were supposed to go bit by bit and step by step. This activity imbued them not only with unprecedented aftermaths of team work, working in groups, and fruits of creativity but also with the epitome of hope, courage and resilience.
The participants segregated into different teams were given twenty-five minutes to complete this activity. They were inoculated with freedom and impunity with which to work and conclude the task. After a few minutes, there was a group who got frustrated as it was having a great level of difficulty in building a tower. Out of unabated vexation, they tore the newspaper and extruded the other material they had. However, there was another group with the name ‘Jerry and Group’ which opined that they had learnt from the activity how to build foundation and make it strong further. In addition, another group ‘Shamsi Group’ did not try only to build their tower strong and tall but also to make it beautiful and worth seeing for. In last, there was another group of Kamran who also focused on the foundation.
Indeed, it feels great pleasure and is heartening to listening to such motivational-words and thoughts from socially-rejected people. The competition under the tutelage of this rigorous activity was so intense that in the end it was sheer difficult for the management to decide about the winner. Undoubtedly, the activity was not meant to grace them with number one, two or three. Rather, the crux of the activity was to inculcate them to develop thought process, cultivate planning and cement togetherness. However, as a part of the game, it was Shamsi group who was regarded as a winner. Games apart, all participants were induced with the notion that ‘We never lose, either we win, or we learn’.
Putting it into a nutshell, our life is like a piece of paper in which we ourselves write our own story. Life is indeed beautiful, and how it can be possible to wage our life to drug-addiction. Socially rejected turned drug addicted people are vulnerable to criminal activities and other illicit means for their survival. But, if they are handled with care, they can be resurrected to normalcy. Life can be made beautiful and worth living for by simply ameliorating character, behavior and action. It is this training which have reassembled their life. If such types of trainings are continued, remarkable results can be attained. Socially rejected people are also humans like normal people, they only need a chance to revive themselves and a few good persons who can make them believe that they are not socially rejected rather the vital engine of our society.

Saqib Khan Yusuf Zai
Lecturer, Professional Trainer & Management Consultant


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