“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell them certainly I can, then get busy and find out how to do it.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Like Roosevelt many people focused on productivity but before heading towards the topic let’s have a lime light on the core of productivity. For a layman productivity is to give net results avoiding any external impacts by getting them done rather than planning to do on the contrary productivity in terms of organisation or employee sounds different. The canvas may be the same but the colors produced are diversified in the latter case. Let’s make it simple in terms of organisation/employees productivity is the ability to do work in an effective manner, in a positive direction, with prompt actions against usual and unusual circumstances.


“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing you will never get it done”, – Bruce Lee

Productivity engulfs accepting challenges, finding ways to get things done without wasting any moment. This is a closer look to give you an insight so that you can understand the importance and causes of acceleration or deceleration of productivity. Those causes might be realistic or unrealistic but it’s better to focus on unrealistic pressures to maintain the harmony of the topic. Simply explained by an expert with a beautiful example of the impact of heavy unexpected rain on a fully grown plant vs tiny little plants. Likewise heavy rain washes away tiny plants but strengthens a completely grown plant, same happens when unrealistic pressures produce adverse effects on productivity leading to decline or decelerate it. Here it is necessary to ponder that these pressures are likely to be usual and can be unusual too but the nutshell is that the organization is the atmosphere while the employees are the plants and the pressures act as rain.


It is necessary to identify unrealistic pressures now after having a clear vision of what needs to be discussed…. Here a query comes into every sensible mind that do these pressures exist in realistic form as well? So the answer is definitely pressures might be of any type, but the source of declination of productivity are mostly unrealistic pressures.

Internal and External pressures :

In our daily lives we come across stress, workload, personal and social problems, environmental effects and economic sustainability which in turn impact on performance and productivity both. All these are internal pressures. Whereas peer and superior pressure and attitude, lack of performance appraisal, outdated systems, miscommunication of higher authorities with that of lower ones, poor management are all external pressures.

The How and when of factors affecting productivity

After analysing and identifying the different types of pressures the vision is more clear and we can understand the reasons behind declination of productivity.

When we talk in terms of organisation all the unrealistic pressures decline productivity levels by reducing the amount of time spend on the reasons and results of giving better output, definitely the actors are the employees and slowly situations start coming across these pressures when they go beyond control.

  • When bosses are unable to streamline their employees due to their negative attitude or ignorance decline in productivity is likely to be seen.
  • When employees become demotivated due to external and internal factors and start losing dedication in terms of performance management and neglecting the ways to solve the issues faced also result in decline of productivity.
  • When the organization is unable to face or resolve problems and issues arising due to external or internal causes just like storms or unexpected rains, then also the overall productivity declines.

There are a lot of reasons more to explore but at the point where the unrealistic pressures were identified each tells the story by itself.

“Create with the heart build with the mind.” – Chris Jami