In basics of customer interaction part I and part II, I have explained ABC concept and 123’s customer interaction. But here, I am going to put laser light on one of the most purposeful, powerful and pertinent six pillars customer services. Here are the SIX PILLARS OF CUSTOMER SERVICES,

  1. Attitude
  2. Interest
  3. Action
  4. Body Language
  5. Verbal Language
  6. Tonality 0r Voice


Here is the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental test of supervisor and sales manager to evaluate the level of attitude of order booker and field salesperson. If a manager wants to pass the test, he needs to ask four questions and has to respond the answers by himself too. Here are the four questions,

  • Order booker / Field SalesPerson Knows the business & he wants to add value in business,
  • Order booker / Field SalesPerson Knows the business & he does not want add value in business,
  • Order booker / Field SalesPerson does not Know the business & he wants to add value in business,
  • Order booker / Field SalesPerson does not Know the business & he does not want to add value in business,

Obviously, the first kind of person is really a great asset to organisation, the manager has to retain him, recommend him for capacity building trainings and give him both monetary and status quo benefits as he can be more loyal to organisation in future and kept on adding value into business. In business language we call these people “MUST HAVE” resource for organization.

Second kind of person are bit difficult, but they can be an asset if sales manager start coaching, mentoring, counselling and managing  mindfully. Manager should invite him for one o one talk, discuss following things as they can be rectified at early stage,

  • Being a imminent and talented resource of the prestigious organisation, why dont you add value in business?
  • Why your performance is not upto the mark, even though you have sound knowledge and strong grip on customer interaction?
  • Do you have issues, problem or any concern, please share with us?
  • Is everything ok at your home?

Being a manager you have to identify core problem of that resource, if manager failed to identify on time, the above resource could be very toxic, he can spread that toxicity within organisation through word of bad mouth. Being a manager, you need to consult with Human resource manager for performance improvement plan for at least monthly review, bi monthly review or maximum six monthly review, if his performance does not uplift, kindly terminate him without any delay. Otherwise, he will spread the negativity in whole organisation.

Third kind of persons are new in organisation, being a manager your responsibility to train him technically and attach him 1st kind of person as they can learn two positive things very soon, i.e. operational work and growth mindset. You have to prepare six months journey in advance as you can monitor him properly.

Fourth kind of persons are highly difficult but being a manager you have to give him opportunity to address his issues. Then, try to solve his issue legally and logically and coach him specifically. Give him few weeks improvement plans. If you observe that results are coming retain him, otherwise give him farewell party along with goodbye letter.


This is a crucial part to understand at initial level. Being a manager if you want to know level of interest of person, then, you have to understand productivity formula, which is,

Productivity= Focus + Time + Energy 

Productivity is a component of three factors focus, time and energy. There are three different case which need to understand who is productive or who is unproductive.

  1. An order booker has laser sharp focus and giving proper time to business and does not put energy in right direction, keep in mind the resource is unproductive.
  2. A Merchandiser is putting maximum energy in a right direction and giving proper time to business but does not have a focus in the business, I mean he has unclear vision then the resource come in the list of unproductive.
  3. A salesperson is putting maximum energy in a right direction and  have laser sharp focus in the business, I mean he has a clear vision but he is not giving proper time, then the resource will be considered as unproductive resource.
  4. Consequently, A person who has having crystal clear focus, putting maximum energy and giving an absolute time in right direction, the resource is considered as a productive. Productive person means, he has a great interest to add value in a business.


Actions speak louder than words. Manager should be a man of commitment, his words should align with his actions as he can influence to his subordinates by actions. Being a manager, you should evaluate subordinates on bases of actions. Ask your subordinate they do the same with clients or customers. For example: Client asks something that is beyond your approach or you can not make it available, please don’t overcommit or under commit, because both situations are unfavourable occasions, I would suggest you to say your client NO straightforward.


Being a manager, you have to show a positive body language whether you feel exhaustion due to workload or an other reason. Similarly, convey the same message to your subordinates through your eye contact, posture, gesture and facial expression. if you rightly do this you can manage internal and external environment of the organisation. For example: if you are facing some domestic issues at home, don’t show it up at workplace, otherwise you will ruin the whole atmosphere. If you are feeling sick, dont let your body to express while dealing with subordinates or customer at workplace, because it will leave behind a negative impression on them.


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart” NELSON MANDELA.

Keep in mind customer is KING. He can order you anything which should be legal and pertinent to your business. Being a good salesperson, don’t discriminate amongst those who buy mammoth and less. I have seen so many salesperson they ignore poor customers and give loads of respect to rich one’s. Seriously speaking in short they did survive, but in long run could not grow too much. Remember customer is customer, whether he buys a single commodity or trucks of stocks.

  • Deal one customer at one time
  • If something is unavailable, Use positive words like (Sorry sir, we are out of stock, as per your request we can make it available)
  • Avoid negative words like (Never or no or can not be available at this time.)
  • Your speaking and customer speaking ration should be 20:80.
  • Ask question with prior permission
  • Don’t interrupt him without a permission
  • Don’t use harsh and abusive language if any customer does so.


Tonality and voice quality matters a lot in the field sales and marketing. If customer screams, please don’t be angry or sentimental. Firstly, make yourself calm and try to make him calm down. Convince him on polite talk as problem can be understood and to resolved accordingly. Sometimes wars are won without a fight, due to humble behaviour. Conversely, I have seen conversion of love into, friendship into enmity and blood relation into bloodshed just because of harsh speaking publicly.

In summing, if you want to good salesperson and brilliant sales manager you need to reigeoulsy implement Six Pillars of Customer Services



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