Every mistake or error or blunder has a certain cost. The cost of few mistakes can be borne on the spot without a delay. The cost of a few errors may be paid off in installments slowly and gradually. But, the cost of the few blunders take whole life to compensate, as per my experience, some of the specific blunders remain blunders, even the impact of that blunder never lasts whole life, because nothing can be compensated against that blunders. According to my experience after committing blunders you may have two options,


Let’s discuss both the situations, because it is believed “success is a choice not a chance”.


If you keep on thinking but without actions about the blunder, it may add more fuel into fire. Icing on the cake is if you are doing nothing but putting blames on others, regretting and cursing on yourself, truly speaking, this kind of mindset will lead you to stress, anxiety, depression and nervous breakdown, in the end your life will be a purposeless and worthless at all. For your information, according to like plus like theory, you will start attracting negative people and absorb negative energy towards yourself. In the beginning, family and friends will show sympathy and empathy, subsequently they will start taking you negative and non-serious. At this point of life, you are deadly wrong and mistaken, because you don’t want to come out of this trauma and pessimistic situation. Sorry to say, this perspective of living a life is like a suicide, which is neither pardoned in materialistic world and nor compensable in life after the death.


Let’s see another perspective of “Keep Crying Over a Split Milk”. Stop regretting, admit that you have committed a blunder, blame yourself not to repeat it again, make a strategy, take an initiative to repair it. You never deny the if I say Mahendra Singh Dhoni the one who never regrets when he loses a match or tournament rather he repairs his past mistakes and blunder, and come up with innovative strategy to win the matches even mega events like World Cup, World Cup T20, ICC champions trophy, IPL two times and many more. This is a very small illustration of his triumph, but how he tackled with personal to professional career at all. When he was struggling to be the part of Indian cricket team. He was the only a son in family, father was almost retiring, sister was young enough to get marry, Dhoni had two options to work for bread and butter or leave his family in trouble. Literally speaking, he was very confused how to handle pressure cooker situation. As per interview he lost his consciousness whether he should go for supporting his family or chasing the dream. After a long discussion with family Mahendra decided to become railway ticket collector. During this job he used to spare time to practice cricket as he can make his dream alive, he had a self-confidence, one day, he would get a chance in Indian cricket. He kept on playing cricket along with boring job as he can make himself happy and obey her father’s commands. One day, he was sitting at station alone, train was about to move and he has to depart with the time of train, and his senior was watching him since long. He rushed towards him and asked, “What are you doing here and don’t you want to get in train”. He replied that If I depart with train today, my career train would depart permanently, I mean today, I have to appear in cricket audition in Ranchi team. The manager smiled and said, your career train is more important that passenger train. Manager said, “Go and shine the name of India” That day he decided to quit his ticket collector Job, then he start playing 1st class cricket. Gradually, his dedication and determination lead him to be the part of part Ranji Trophy, where he showed outstanding performance, on the behalf of this performance, he was selected in Indian B team. Initially, he was nervous to face international pressure, in 1st matches he scored peanuts. Due to his worst performance his selection became a question mark and even he was about to be dropped. His mid night burnt oil worked for last time, he got a chance to play against Pakistan, where he scored 148 runs marked his career best. If he did not perform well, he would not have been got a next chance to play. after this landmark performance, he earned a position of Captain, even there were some lot senior players were playing in team. He neither sustained his position but also gave chance to new blood. With the passage of time all his taken decisions made team India no.01 team in all formats like ODI, T20 and test matches. In his captaincy, India won all big tournaments as well.



Ranjeet Kumar

Management Consultant & Success Coach

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