The great attitude is one of the most discussed topic in the organisation, school, college, university and home as well. It has frequently been commented by different people that ABC person is a diligent, smart and extraordinary, but he or she is suffering from one big issue i.e. Attitude. If he or she repairs the attitude as soon as possible, literally speaking, he or she can be an an outstanding resource for the organisation. As far as my experience is concerned the people, despite having business knowledge, selling skills, strong academic qualification and a decades of experience in relevant field are designated on below average post because of attitude issue, Moreover, They are even deserved the designation at top management or highly authoritative post within the organisation. Concisely, attitude can make you from rags to riches or break you from riches to rags.


For further understanding of sophisticated word Attitude, I would suggest to create an image of iceberg in brain, which is  self explanatory. Please subdivide diagram into two valuable aspects, which are

  1. Known to others (Above Sea Level)
  2. Unknown to others (Below Sea Level)

KNOW TO OTHERS (Knowledge & Ability):

People who are working with you in an organisation, they only see your knowledge, skills and ability, literally speaking, which are merely 10% of your career and professional growth.

For example:  If you are an effective manager, possessing extraordinary business knowledge and tremendous value adding ability. For your information, bosses and subordinates are be able to see, how much you know about product, brand cognizance, market dynamics, promotional activities, selling techniques, pricing model, pitching tactics and handling the queries of  diverse customer according to needs and requirements. Trust me, they don’t know, how much pain you have tolerated to acquire that knowledge, and even bosses and subordinates have no idea, how much cost and time you have incurred to build such kind of mammoth knowledge to add value in business.

Let’s talk about an ability, most of people think that ability is a gift, which is endowed by God at the time of birth. I apologise, I deny that philosophy. My personal opinion is that an ability is not a gift rather this is an ongoing process. Which comes through willingness, confidence and  can-do attitude mindset.

Furthermore, ability is a result of taking calculated risk, decision making, handling and dealing the losses. Some other speaker used to say ability is a fruit of behavioral complacency, persistence and never lose hope attitude. People with abilities are firm believer of this statement,”They neither give up, nor they let others to give up in any situation”. These kind of people keep contingent plans and collaboration of variety of talents, knowing who can be used and executed at what place. In a nutshell, ability is a time taking process which is obviously a result of tireless efforts and hardwork. I once again quote, according to Iceberg concept both “ability and knowledge” are solely 10%.


Following factors come under the domain of un-known to others which are, Values, standards, judgements, attitude, motives, ethics and beliefs. Furthermore, Let me share the story on mentioned factors.

There were a bird and a bee, they were living in a village. Once, they were discussing different issues and problems of climate change and sudden changes of weather. Moreover, the discussion of both bird and bee turned into nature of work of bee. Then, the bird asked bee, can you please tell me? You and your family members start working early in the morning till evening, sucking the juice from flowers and storing in hive whole day. Both you and your family  are repeating this activity throughout the  year regardless of what the the weather and other climate change issues are. Icing on the cake is, once your hive is completed or is about to complete, humans or animal steal that yearly stored honey in minutes. I am perplexed, don’t you feel pain that your hard work and diligence have been sabotaged in front of your eyes. After listening a long question, Bee, smilingly, replied to bird, my dear friend, “They can steal honey and eat away the hive, but they can not steal the art of making honey and hive”.


  1. This story teaches us the different sets of values like, be thankful to God and we should be thankful in every situation, what we have, and never regret what has gone. Remember, you did not bring any thing from, what is with us is not our’s and what has gone, it was not our’s too.
  2. One more important lesson is, “This shall too pass”.
  3. Bee’s belief system is too strong, never lose hope and keep on working hard and stay persistent, stop worrying about the results.
  4. Bee’s motive was not to store the honey in hive only,but also her motive was to fulfill the needs of animal and human beings.
  5. Bee’s ethics was not to use bad language against those who stole the stored material, rather she smiled and answered they can not steal her art of making honey in hive.


Organisation can learn hundreds of lessons from the story but here is gist of lesson,

If competitor changes the prices, offers more discounts, hits you very hard, trying to beat you very badly. Please don’t worry. I recommend you don’t be disappointed at that time, believe in your skills, try to overwhelm the weaknesses, put more concentration on strengths, produce better quality, working on the retention of customer, formulate customer delight strategies, because no one can steal your dedication, focus and willingness to achieve the maximum profitability for organisation.





Ranjeet Kumar

Management Consultant & Success Coach

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