“People are like tea bag, they don’t know how they are strong until they get into hot water”

Above quotation has not only changed my perspective of life, but also gave me a distinguished view to see the things. Before that I used to see things very straight either positive, negative or neutral. Overall, I used to observe the things one dimensionally. but now, I observe the life & other things very critically, think multi-dimensionally. As I can understand the actual perspective of the life and existing things.


Few days ago, I just got an idea to do verify above statement into practical experiment in front of my students. On that day, I poured two cups of plain water in electric kettle and 3rd cup was filled-up  with cold water.
In 1st cup, I added one tea bag & hot water, in second cup, I added a hot water, tea whitener and tea bag, in 3rd cup, I added tea bag only. Very next, I  asked a question from students that which tea bag would show strong color of tea? If your answer is other than 1st, it means you have not cracked the code of life hurdles. If your answer is cup no.1, it means, either you have experienced it or you have gone through the hurdles, obstacles and hindrances as successful people used to do.


I met with a lot of people in my life, who started their career from very scratch and today they are living successful life with their family. I still remember, there was one young man, who used to make bun-Kabab in a small town to finance his college fees, feed his family and support dependents too. Frequently, he used to keep his books at thella, whenever he found customer foot fall is low, he started reading college books and completing his college assignments accordingly. As per interview, in the intermediate, he secured very average marks, but he did not lose his hopes. He once again took admission in intermediate to improve the score as to seek admission in top-notch university of country. Dr. Abdul Kalma says”

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.”

Due to financial crises, he was unable to pay off exams fees.  You might have heard “When one door closes, God opens thousands of other doors, if you truly believe in Allah with positive intentions” Here is something, same had happened in the life of thella wala, there was one generous person, who used to live in his vicinity, as he listened the story, he went to see thella wala to get confirmed whether the story is true or fabricated. As per interview, generous person asked hundreds of non-stop questions. He spent at least two-hours in conversation with thella wala. The generous person, immediately, left the place, after a week, he came back to thella-wala, this time, he did not ask question, he just dropped an envelope with rupees twenty thousands and beautiful words. “I don’t know what will you with this money, but I know you will do something which will be an example to our town. If you become big man, please help others, grow and let grow others” Thella-wala did not react, he immediately went to home and hide that money because, he did not see huge money at a time ever in life. After a week, he went to college to pay off the fees and remaining dues. While, he was returning to home, he met with the same generous person, before generous person asked any question, he told him with full excitement that he has paid the fees and dues. Now, he is able to enroll in upcoming exams. Generous man passed a smile to see his excitement and he moved on. But thella-wala got little bit confused and returned to home, kept on thinking. Why this kind-hearted man did not talk to me? Well, the days were passing on smoothly. But thella-wala started putting more efforts in his studies than before, because he took an ownership to fulfil multiple responsibilities simultaneously, which are,

• Proving talent by Passing exams with flying colors
• Win the trust of generous person.
• Become a successful doctor 
• Return borrowed money to generous person

Normally, he used to study two to four hours, but this time, he started studying ten hours a day. He did nothing extraordinary things, he just started managing the time effectively. As per interview, he did not only revise the syllabus for ten times, but also solved twenty years past papers. On 23rd April, he attempted eight papers (2 papers of Physics, 02 papers of Chemistry, 02 papers Botany and o2 papers of Zoology). Exactly, after three months, he got the result, except Botany, he secured straight 90+ percentage in rest of subjects. In a nutshell, he improved his score by 20% in the comparison of previous results. After getting the result, he did not go home to share his 1st step of success to his family, rather he went to that generous person to share the 1st step towards success. Unfortunately, generous person was not there. But he kept on searching him like crazy people used to do. After hours and hours searching him around, he could not succeed. He returned to home frustrated and disappointed. After few days, he came to know, that generous person died in road accident, seriously speaking, as per his interview, he went under a big shock and got nervous breakdown. (while he was telling me, he started weeping too). On 22nd October, he enrolled in entrance test Pre-medical, because, he had a dream to be a successful doctor. After attempting the test, he was very confident to pass but broken from inside, because he could not share his success with the person, who is real cause of success for him. 03rd January, entrance test result was announced, where he secured top standings with 96%. Every one of his family was jubilating his success, but he was only a person in family, who was sitting alone in the corner. On 04th April, he joined the top medical university, where he spent his six years along with the house job. He did not stop here in bachelor’s degree, he applied for international certification, where he also got the same success as he sued to seek in the past. In a nutshell, he became one of the successful doctor, now he is living in the middle east with his family and enjoying the peak era of triumphant. As far as my information is concerned, he is not only serving people by giving them medical treatment but also helping people, who are unable to pay off their college fee. In addition to he is helping families by donating monthly ration as well.


Hence proved, “People are like tea bag, they know how they are strong until they get into hot water”. As per thelaa-wala (International Medical Doctor) said the “Rs. Twenty thousand was not money but a fire and his death was not a departure but a hot water for me. I was thella-wala (tea bag).

Furthermore, he said that today, If he is living successful life, this credit goes to that generous person. Remember, it is not necessary, you wait for someone, who will die for you or cause any unhappening event  in your life. Then, you will start working hard. In Summing up, International doctor says” Create a desire, look at your parents, how they have sacrificed whole life to make you successful, focus on one goal, not on multiple goals at the same time, don’t give up, don’t stop anywhere one-day success will be yours”.


Ranjeet Kumar

Management Consultant & Success Coach

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