Today, I will be talking about highly powerful, purposeful, insightful and full of  extensive research model that is called 5P. If you implement, apply, and execute accordingly I guarantee that you will be on the track of  triumph.  Furthermore, 5P is an acronym of powerful words, which are as under,

  • Purpose of life

  • Planning

  • Passion

  • Persistence

  • Prosperity


The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit”. Morihei Ueshiba

I asked a question from Dananjaya Hettiarachchi (Former Toastmaster ,World Champion), sir, can you please let me know, how can someone identify the Purpose of Life? and how did you diagnose that you are a great speaker? He said that he wanted to answer 2nd question 1st. Then, he replied smilingly, “I got to know that I am a great speaker, when I started putting  20% efforts in this field and getting 80% of results with positive feedback from audience, participants and other listeners through social media and electronic media. Moreover, I started speaking variety of topics, multiple philosophies and critical theories to diverse audience.  I did not only enhance my knowledge but also groomed my personality via these sessions accordingly. During this work, I did not have a realisation of having an exhaustion, but I kept on speaking on different venues, platforms, conducting free sessions for different organisation, institutes, schools and colleges. Truly speaking, without self appreciating people start eulogising my lectures, philosophies, ideas, theories and practical examples. This is the way, I got to know my real purpose of life“. He further said that if someone has no direction in life, he could not reach anywhere, rather he would be moving randomly. For Example: A letter having no mailing address, goes nowhere,  a ship without map and guided route, goes nowhere, similarly, a man without direction of life, goes nowhere. After reading the content, you might have a question, how can we find our purpose of life, isn’t so? if yes, here are few steps which you have to religiously follow, if you truly want to know your purpose of life,

  • Develop curiosity.
  • Find a role model, who can give you direction to your curiosity.
  • Make your work, job or business a source of entertainment.
  • Stop worrying, how much money you will earn from that activity.
  • Stop worrying, how much time will be elapsed.

Above all mentioned tips will help you to develop your purpose of life. Once your purpose will be set and if you are honest with your purpose spiritually, religiously, mentally, physically and emotionally, then don’t worry about the planning. Your such type of dedication will lead to your perfect PLANNING. 


What is the purpose of planning? Every plan should be linked with some objectives. The planning done by managers is aimed at achieving the organizational goals. The planning helps people in concentrating their efforts on the most important jobs rather than wasting time on the lesser important work. The purpose of planning is also to minimize the cost of performance and eliminate unproductive efforts. It also helps the management in adopting and adjusting according to the changes that take place in the environment. Planning also provides a basis for teamwork as when the goals are properly defined assignments can be fixed and all the members can start contributing in the achievement of these objectives. Planning gives a sense of direction and ensured that efforts are being put to useful purpose instead of being wasted. Planning also facilitate control because without planning there will be nothing to control.

(This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:November 16, 2011)

For example: A person who decides to become a doctor, of course, he must have chosen Biology in Matriculation, takes admission in premedical in intermediate, gets an admission in any medical college on merit or on self-finance basis as well. He must have spent five years in MBBS, one year in house job. After doing such hard work in a particular direction, he would be tagged as Doctor. In addition to, if he wants to be a specialist in any field,  he must have taken admission in FCPS, MRCP or other course related to medical field. Truly speaking, this man would not be wasting his much time in coaching, counselling, mentoring and managing his career. you know what, everything is happening smoothly, he is very clear towards his purpose, that’s why planning appears to be smooth.  If he had any haphazards in his purpose, he would not have been a doctor.


Once your purpose and planning is set, It means now both should be aligned as railway track or like boxes of chase game, or bricks of wall or pillars of building. If you do as accordingly, Then stop worrying, you have developed the passion. Now, It just needs an ignition.

  • How can it be ignited?

The answer is, you have to merge both purpose and planning physically and mentally simultaneously. If you do so, it means you have ignited the passion. Developing and creating passion is not a big deal. The big deal is a sustainability which is a serious concern.

  • Do you really want to sustain your passion for longer time period?

if yes, you have to be a  positive day-dreamer, keep giving new challenges, keep bringing innovation, keep updating yourself with  your field and go into the depth as you can be a the unique in that particular field. Don’t let satisfy yourself only, whatever you achieve, don’t settle, keep going as your passion can be sustainable till your death.


let’s have a simple mathematics formula of  Persistence= (Purpose of Life + Planning + Passion). Sometimes, it happens, purpose of life and planning has not perfect alignment. There may be an ambiguity in between purpose of life & passion. There are some chances as well too that planning and passion are moving like clockwise and anticlockwise. In a nutshell, if these sort of things are happening there would be big messup to achieve your desired goals of life.  Here, your persistence will play an eminent role to get a perfect alignment amongst the formula setting. Let me share your one story, there was BEE and BIRD, they were discussing the something very special. Suddenly, the bird asked, can you please let me know, people and animals are stealing your stored honey and eating the your home, don’t you feel so bad. Bee answered smilingly to the bird, they are stealing the honey but not my honey making skills. Furthermore, they steal my honey, I get an experience to  remake honey and honey home store agian and agian, which gives me more learning and excitement as well.


Prosperity is nothing but a road to success. Prosperity means you have achieved what goals you have made. you have not only achieved financial freedom but also achieved all desired targets to fulfill your requirements of life. Let’s have an examples of prosper people who have directly or indirectly implemented 5P Model, they are, Waseem Akram, Sachin Tendulkar, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Vivek Bindra, Tony Robbins and so on.




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