There are two  variables in a topic WINNING REQUIRES CONFIDENCE i.e., Winning and Confidence. Confidence is an independent variable, whereas a winning is dependent on confidence. Change in confidence brings the change in winning.

Statement: “Winning is directly proportional to the confidence provided that few factors remain constant, i.e., persistence, determination, direction, willingness, ignition, can do attitude and passion”.
If confidence increases the rate of winning increases and vice versa”. As far as my research is concerned, those managers, who are average in technical skills but having an optimum confidence, realistically, I have seen myself them to grow faster and to achieve the highest level of success in both personal and professional life. Moreover, if any of above mentioned factor is missed or forgone due to negligence, by mistake or unawareness, then Winning Vs. Confidence statement will be invalid. So, let’s have a profound discussion on both the variables.


“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed”. Michael Jordan

If you are thinking that winning is just scorecard of an activity that you performed and you carried the day, against your opponent and people start appreciating you that you are receiving the best wishes and thumbs-up, blah blah blah. It means you are thinking very wrong. Keep in your mind, winning is a result of tireless work, burning midnight oil, repetition of the same activity regardless what a day or a time, learning from past mistakes, overwhelm the weaknesses, consulting with the role model, discussing with coaches (experienced people) and observing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Let me share table tennis story in two different parts;


I still remember, when I  saw the table tennis for the 1st time ever in my life. When my previous organization introduced a sports day for both instructors and students. Moreover, I surprised to see my colleagues, who started reacting differently and they were behaving as if they found treasure. Furthermore, everybody left their formal work, start talking about table county (bet on winning & losing). Routinely, they started playing during lunch break & tea break. When they used to play and I used to see all of them by sitting in corner without understanding, who is winning and losing the game. I was so novice at that time. Literally, I was very confused to see them, how they were calculating the score or points? But one day, I picked up the racket pad and started playing with one of them to practice and to understand the dynamics of the game. But they used to laugh at me sarcastically. Even one of my colleague used to say, “The one who cannot handle the racket pad, how can he play”, For being time, I used to pass them a fake smile, but internally I used to feel broken, frustrated and kept on labelling myself, that I am a duffe and loser. After few days, I went to sports coach, requested him to please teach me, how to play the table tennis. Immediately, he asked me to bring your own racket pad, if you really want to learn the game, but if you don’t bring it tomorrow, I would not be able to teach anymore, because I teach only dedicated, determined, passionate, persistent people and those, who have the power to ignite their inner potential. This is the  way my WINNING journey begins in table tennis.


“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence”. Blake Lively

Confidence is nothing but a developing a skill through repetition of same activity every day, learning something new, when you do it next time, learn from mistakes, level of interest and willingness increase day by day, working on feedback becomes an excitement & new challenge, difficult tasks start giving him pleasure, strong competition teaches him new ways of  dealing the assignments and pressure cooker situation. If everything happens accordingly, it means you have developed the CONFIDENCE.
Furthermore, I brought the racket pad as I was instructed by coach. Before, he taught me game on the table, he taught me five lessons on day one to be foucused on, they were,

1. Handling the racket along with the proper combination of thumb and fingers
2. Way of serving to opponent
3. Controlling the nerves and temperament
4. Execution of 3rd law of Newton but proportionately
5. Use back end and front (practice at home)



Coach taught me the basics and foundation of the game. Then, he asked me to play and set some targets, as I can play with little bit positive pressure. He taught me that there are 21 points in the game, the one who scores 21 points firstly,  he will be awarded as a winner. Literally speaking, I kept on losing the games every day, then coach stopped to practise with me, because he did not see any improvement in me. After few days, coach trained me in different way along with new lessons. Then, I start playing with my students regularly. Slowly and gradually, I saw some improvements in me. Within few days, I cracked the table tennis codes of playing. Here are the few codes,

  1. How to control the nerve and temperament.
  2. Focus on the ball only
  3. Use the wrist force
  4. Not to apply maximum force of the arm
  5. Make a big rally

After three months, I won 1st match against my student, which boosted confidence and gave me a hope  to win more matches. After 1st victory, I got firm believe that I can beat anyone in my organization. That day, as I reached home, I downloaded the game from google play store as I can spend more and more time in learning the dynamics. Furthermore, I started making some short goals and setting a yardstick as well. To be very honest, no one was my yardstick other than the coach. But, he was not an easy to be beaten up. Well, in the fifth month since, I have practicing the game, I asked coach, let’s play five match series. As per mutual understanding, he asked me to “There should be some consideration, because without any consideration I can never create an enthusiasm”. Eventually, we came up with an economical idea, that runner up will buy two 500ml Sting for winner. Very next moment coach started giggling and affirmed. Honestly speaking, his giggling gave me more confidence and winning vibes to beat coach easily


Well, 1st match began and I gave him tough time, but I deliberately lost the 1st match . I did repeat the same trick in second match as well. Before, 3rd match to be played, I asked him to let’s have a break. But he started making fun of me, “Ranjeet Baboo, you are still a tyro and novice, without a single minute delay please order Sting bottles”. I smiled with confidence, and told him, Sir don’t be overconfident, there are three matches yet to be played. In third match, I played like war. But, I already made my mind to win at any cost. In the 1st set of 3rd match coach secured 6 points and I got 4. In the second set he secured 4 more, accumulatively 10 and I marked 21 points and won the game. He came to me and said three words in my ear, that you played mind-blowing, excellent and wonderful game. Internally, I was speaking to my heart, I could have done it before, but I wanted your morale high in the beginning. Without any break, we started the fourth match, but in a nutshell, I won that easily. Here, we were planning for 5th and final match. This time coach asked me for a break. Literally speaking, I did not say him any single word, but I knew he got the message from gesture and facial expression, now who would bring two Stings. Initially, he played very aggressively, but I was very cool and calm, I was just taking the benefit of his anger and aggression, and that was a great signal to my victory too. The 1st set ended with 5-5, second set 11-9, third set ended with 17-13, overall coaching was dominating, and for while my confidence shacked. You know, I was giving my 100%, applying maxima technical skills. Sincerely speaking, whatever technique I executed, coach had answers of them, I mean what shot I played, he replied back with his experience and technical intelligence. Eventually, I won by 19-21.


In conclusion, I realized my technical skills became helpless in front of coach but factors which helped me they are, tireless work, burning midnight oil, repetition of the same activity regardless what day or time, learning from past mistakes, overwhelm the weaknesses, consulting with the role model, discussing with coaches (experienced) and observing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, learning from mistakes, level of interest and willingness increase day by day, feedback of improvement becomes an excitement & new challenge, difficult tasks start giving pleasure, strong competition taught new ways of winning. Hence, proved WINNING REQUIRES CONFIDENCE.


Ranjeet Kumar

Management Consultant & Success Coach

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