I am sharing you a very crucial experience which makes me so disappointed and frustrated. I don’t mean to hurt someone or someone’s feelings who belong to this profession. I am writing for those who are doing fraud and forgery with this business.

I assume you must be aware of so called motivational & public speakers usually invited by university, college or local institute to talk about something to ignite the inner power of students. For your information people can be an inspirational speaker, not motivational speakers. Because, motivation comes from inside and inspiration comes from outside.
You know what they do? They trouble the google search engine, select some pictures, English quotes English Stories (Bill gates, Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and blah blah blah) and one local stanza of famous poet to create an impact of the speech. Everyone so called motivational and public speaker talk about they are rich, having millions of dollars in their account and they can buy whatever they want, they are university dropouts, they have no formal academic qualification, Education is nothing, it’s all about creative idea. Lots of laughs, my question to them, once they establish the business, why they hire educated corporate lawyers, educated chartered accountant, educated marketing managers, educated human resource managers, educated information technology experts and so on.

Dear readers, when they come again in your school, college and institutes please ask them, Sir you are really remarkable, but I have following list of questions.

  1.  Can you tell me how they become rich?
  2.  What business model they implemented?
  3.  What financial model they worked on,
  4.  Whom they consulted with?
  5.  Who is their role model?
  6.  How they manage their time effectively to maximize their results?
  7.  What was their business portfolio?
  8.  How they pitch customers and how they crack creativity codes?
  9.  How they formulate corporate, business, marketing and people management strategies?
  10.  What you are telling us, are literally following them religiously?

Once, you ask them these questions, my dear innocent folks you will get the answer and the intent which I have made for you.
Do you really want to know, what’s wrong with these so called motivational, public, and inspirational speakers?


These types of speaker listened some good speeches from different resource and they memorize it, cram it so hard, then they throw it out when they are invited by institutes. Wherever they go, they throw the same speech. The big issue in them is they don’t read, research and write purposefully. They need fame without any effort. Truly speaking, if they keep this sort of intention, they will survive for short term but the will not grow in long run. You know what, their intention is to make laugh audience and give them English examples only which are useless for target audience, receive round of applause and take selfies with listeners. My question from them is what is the impact of your crammed speech on the students, do you really know? Do you take follow-ups?


These speakers have no idea that students who are listening, they have no sound approach to digest jargons and heavy vocabulary. As per garbage in and garbage out principle, if you will store garbage stories in the brain of infants, it is an obvious, they will throw out the same garbage. These speakers have no idea, in the class, every student, who is attending your garbology, have different mindsets. Someone wants to be singers, artists, painters, artists, doctors, engineers, social workers, philanthropists and so on.
Do they know, they are not only derailing them from the track but also misguiding them as well.


Ranjeet Kumar

Management Consultant & Success Coach

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