In the second part I have described the detail of basics of customer interaction. Before we discuss something new, let’s learn the ABC acronym,

1. A= Attitude of salesperson
2. B= Business Knowledge
3. Customer Oriented Approach of salesperson

Sometimes customer does not come to buy products from you, they visit to pay back to your positive attitude, and your positive attitude means the way you talk, handle the questions of customer and how did you help client what to buy or what not buy. After this sort of behavior customer neither retains but also bring more customer to buy products from you. This statement proves, every customer doesn’t buy products, they buy your services and pay back to your positive attitude.


Business knowledge refers to product knowledge, if you have product knowledge in depth you can easily sell your product in the comparison of competitor’s product, you know what, customer may or may not read but the way you explain him or her with your knowledge he or she will definitely have convinced to buy your product.
My experience says, “Business knowledge is directly proportional to the more sales”
Once, I visited the modern trade store, I made a plan to buy a tea brand A, because I was very regular buyer of that brand. On that visit I saw that brand A competitor has decorated very good stalls. I just visited them, seriously speaking, not intended to buy, just to seek information. Once I asked why your product is better than brand A. He told me the history 1st, how it manufactured, how many cups should be drunk, what are merits and demerits, age bracket and time slots as well. Seriously speaking, I withdrew product A and bought brand B product, even though it was very expensive. Today, I am regular buyer of brand B product. Not only this but also, I preach to others to buy because it is healthy tea brand.


Those salespersons who are customer oriented they never behave bad to any customer, whether, he buys product or not. They do three things,

a. 1st they retain their previous customer
They retain their previous customers because they want their fixed income permanent, as they can shift their efforts on other customer. Once they succeed in doing so, they put their 100% in making new customers and they increase the proportion of fixed customer every year end.

b. Making strategy to build new customer pipeline
They formulate new strategies because they compete with new era as well. While making new strategies they learn new tips and techniques as well.

c. Keep interacting with every customer whether he or she gives the business or not.
When they keep interacting with new customer they get to know what is the values propositioned that product and what is market value of that product too. In this way they can help their research & Development and corporate strategist too as well. This kind of attitude help organization grow in future as well.


Ranjeet Kumar

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