The great leaders are good souls too. Their traits make them great leaders and good souls as well because they have Human Leadership qualities. They run a great business, keep their team happy and satisfied. Their attitudes and attributes make them expert in their field. They can lead their team to achieve the desired level of success. Therefore, it is essential to consider the following qualities:


They have a quality to be able to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes, and apply the Golden Rule.

1. Optimistic

It means to look at the literal world in a favorable way. Great leaders are certainly not a Pollyanna, but their arrow must always stay pointing up.

2. Rationale

Their rational is to be at a place where they lead someone, or a group (or themselves), that goes beyond profit.

3. Empathetic:

They have a quality to be able to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes, and apply the Golden Rule.

4. Humble:

They want to make their team better than themselves. They shine the light on them. They believe in transferring their good qualities and experience to their team members.

5. Determined:

They want to get there, and they know how to manage it. And that needs to be right on their sleeve for all of their team to see, and feel.

6. Stable minded:

Their positive tone, message, vision, values and expectations are out there, constantly, week after week, day after day, hour by hour.

7. Restless:

They are never satisfied. They always go for better and better which make them achieve the best.

8. Curious:

They believe in keep on learning because according to them learning is a continuous journey and they want to explore.

9. Trust:

It’s the sacred bond between good leaders and their team that must be earned.

10. Positivity:

They love to lead their team, and do not afraid to talk about it, or express it.

The 7 Principles of Human Leadership

1. They follow “We-Attitude”

It can’t be about others. It’s about a team.

2. They trust and keep their promises

Integrity is an absolute must.

3. They establish a mantra of key values

It’s the glue that holds all of us together.

4. They find and teach more human leaders

The legacy must be passed on; they can’t do it themselves.

5. They build a culture of accountability

It’s all about being fair and shared responsibility.

6. They measure, monitor and manage with the right metrics

The team needs to know where they stand, and what they are aiming for.

7. They connect it to a higher purpose

Humans want to be a part of a meaningful cause that’s bigger than themselves


Ranjeet Kumar

Management Consultant & Success Coach

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