There was German professor who was traveling to another city for the purpose of city research. Suddenly, he saw a peon who was mopping the floor. German called peon and requested him to ask some questions regarding ocean experience.

German: Can you please let me know, when you get to know the ship observes the diversion?

Peon: Sir, It depends upon the height of ocean. If height of the ocean goes up we go to right and if water height goes down we divert to left side.

German: Giggling, Oh man you have wasted whole of your life, but don’t know how it diverts. Let me explain to you, it depends upon the composition of molecules, density and viscosity of the water. if it changes, the diversion takes place.

German: May I ask you another question? Can you please let me know how you get to know that weather will change?

Peon: He replied that this is so easy. Due to evaporation, rain takes place.

German professor: he replied Oh man you have wasted half of your life. When there is a large amount with scorching beams put on ocean causes evaporation. Then vapors collectively form clouds. Due to condensation process the rain occurs.

Peon left that place, and lost for few days. But after exactly 15 days, he rushed to professor, today i am not position to reply any of your question. Please allow me to ask a question from you. German professor said yes you can.

Peon: Assume, this ship wrecks and divided in to two pieces. One of its portion would already sunk, one would sink after while, what should you do? He replied that i would swim and rescue my self.

Peon: Do you know how to swim?
German: No I don’t know how to swim.

Peon: Oh man, you have wasted 60 years of your life, Because ship has broken into two pieces already. I know how to swim. Be ready to sink or drown. Let me go and good bye.

Moral of Story: Here practical work is better than theoretical work. You seek knowledge, worked hard day and night, which is nothing without practical work.

Recommendations: if you know theory, and wants to learn practical, your speed will be higher than those who have not learnt theory and they have started learning practical things only. Doctor, spends five years in MBBS just to attend theory classes and for little bit practical exposure, they have an excess to laboratory only. After five years, they become eligible to work with experienced doctors as a house officer, where they learn practical things with purposeful theory background. If here, we start teaching same things to those who have not attended the theory classes as MBBS student did, truly speaking he would not be able to learn as MBBS student does.


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