Session was begun with a question what is customer for us? who is customer? What is customer? I received traditional and repetitive answers, seriously speaking, I expected the sames answers. For your information the answers of asked are, Customer is the most valuable asset of for business, without customer you are worthless.
On the other hand, customer doesn’t buy products, they buy services. Great services come from following factors,

1. Urgency
2. Friendly behaviour
3. Passion
4. Integrity
5. Growth mindset and so on.

Customer interaction is a topic which help organisation to repeat the purchases, seriously speaking, they don’t repeat just because your ambiance and product is great, they repeat because your services are excellent.

There are two important sides of interaction which are highly important for organisation to understand,
1. Market & Sell
2. Support & Serve

Salesperson should find or diagnose the need of customer or client at ist stage. Without understanding the needs of customer he would not be able to sell or convey the product message, if he fails to convey the message he may not retain old customers or make new customers.

In the second stage, he has to research that how can he fulfill the demands and basic needs of customer? The research will give you very fair idea and accurate data how to interact with customer?

In the third stage, help customer in selecting the product by stating him or her the features, benefits and advantages of the product. you can only help if you have very sound knowledge of your product.

In the fourth stage, There are lot of chances that customer would purchase product for trial. Once he satisfies what you pitched and the product is exactly upto the mark or above that mark, he will definitely repeat his purchases.

In the fifth and sixth stage, he will receive and use that product.

In seventh stage, If sales team is smart and good enough they will maintain the trust of customer, as he can repeat his off takings on regular basis.

In eight stage, he will recommend to other to buy that product as well.


Ranjeet Kumar

Management Consultant & Success Coach

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