I am really thankful to Aaj Tv, anchors, and producer Humair who invited me in Good morning with Aaj ke sath.

In the beginning, I made a ground by differentiating in between information and knowledge, Information has short span of time where knowledge makes competitive foundation.

Anchor: Why education standard is going to be so critical?

Ranjeet: There are so many reasons that education has been critical because flair of education has been changed. Content is same, books are same, teaching methodology is same unfortunately we expect different and extraordinary results students.
There is a huge contradiction in between what is happening and what we expect. Until and unless authorities don’t bridge that gap (happening vs. expectation), we would not be being any change. There are highly expensive educational bodies are working in our country but they are not performing optimistically, because they are highly educated but less trained.

Anchor: What is the real definition of success as per opinion?
Ranjeet: My opinion regarding success is, the one who achieves five factors in life; i.e. Financial Freedom, fulfilling the needs of Family, having loyal friend Friends and good relative & Spirituality.

Anchor: What is the role of counselling in students life?
Ranjeet: I replied them let’s replace the word counselling over coaching. Coaching means to ask the problems from students, and ask the solutions of those problems from same students, In this way you can empower, accountable, direct them accordingly. If you consell them, means you are fixing up the problems only. counselling is an old methodology to deal with problems to solutions.

In the end, anchor gave detail elaboration of UN case study as well.



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