Man by nature is a social animal infested with relentless curiosity, ignition, passion, and a thirst for power, position and affluence. These all factors take man towards either stability or instability depending upon his acumen and astuteness with which he utilizes these blessings of the Provident. When he imbibes these characteristics as a part and parcel of his insightful thinking for the benefit of mankind, it creates solidarity amongst individuals and society. On the other hand, if he keeps them for his own self never allowing his self to disseminate these to others, it disrupts and distorts individual and social order.

Before the revelation of Wahi, no one knew that Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was the last messenger of God. Instead, people of Makkah would adore him for his character infested with unwavering nobility, loyalty, honesty, devotion, dedication, discipline, diplomacy, justice, philanthropy and dignity. It was the acumen of his character which made many people embraced Islam later during his life.

Further, walking on the footprints of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), many of his followers, Sufi Saints, made inroads of Islam in the Sub-continent through the demonstration of their noble character. Once upon a time, I along with my friends went to visit the shrine of one of the greatest Sufis of Sindh, Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. When we entered the shrine’s most inner part, we found that there was a girl whose age might be around 16 or 17 stood near by the main entrance to Darbbar. She knotted her wreath with the door and was continuously asking for the acquittal of his brother who has been incarcerated into jail.

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 Tomb of Mulana Jalalludin Rumi, Turkey

When we asked from the people standing out there about her problem, they said the girl came to the shrine all the way from Multan. Her brother was sentenced to jail in a fictitious case and she had been standing here for more than twenty days. Neither did she eat nor did she drink. When she lost her consciousness due to not having edibles, someone from here would forcibly make her eat or drink something. After then, she would again stand in front of the shrine-grave by knotting her wrath with the front of the gate.

When we got a bit close to her, so that we could listen what actually she did ask from the Sufi Saint. She was saying “You are the prominent Sufi Saint who is in contact with God all the time, you know the hidden truths of God as He has bestowed you with such knowledge, wisdom and character, then why do not you ask the God that He may get my brother acquitted from the jail as you know that he is innocent”. After listening to her words, we were astonished with apprehension and the layer of fears and fears started to imbibe in us.

Her character was so strong that it made her belief unbreakable. It was her belief which made her able to travel all the way from the Punjab to Sindh. And the only factor which ignited her belief was the noble and devoted characters of the Sufis who used to disseminate the love of God and the love for God amongst the masses by dispersing in them the love for humanity and mankind.

By and large, since the inception of Islam, all the Sufis were highly infested with spiritual knowledge with which they used to solve the problems of society and make it a blossom of love, peace and tranquility. They were full of wisdom but it was not limited to their own self only. Rather, they disseminated it amongst the masses, because it was their character replete with philanthropy and benevolence. I often feel apprehension more when I do visit man of character than when I do see man of wisdom, because man of character is man of belief, man of present era, man of enlightenment, man of acumen, and man of noble-entity. While man of wisdom has only knowledge limited to his self and short-lived.

Man of character disperses ease, comfort, wave of love amongst the masses irrespective of caste, creed, religion, ethnicity and sects. Man of character emboldens belief-system, creates the light of hope, ignites passion, reveals the true and real beauty of life and that too with care, love, reverence and compassion.


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