What are you today is just because choices you have made.

Life behaves like an un boiled egg, boiled egg or rubber ball. It depends upon you how you respond the hurdles and obstacles of life. Those who behave like un boiled egg they are strong from outside but shallow from inside. Once it falls down on floor, it gets broken down and never bounce back.

My question is that will this egg be re useable? Majority replied NO.

In other example, boiled egg (a person who keeps multiple goals), my philosophy says that a person who has multiple goals, it means he or she has NO goal.
In this activity, I asked participants to drop on strong surface for once, they do what Instructed, having dropped, few cracks appeared on the face. . I request them do once more, they do what instructed, having dropped again, some times egg got broken and some time more cracks appeared. At third, it completely shattered, I am telling you that it could not be usable.

After both the activities, I re asked how do you want to spend you life they replied in loud voice we want to be boiled egg. Then I took red ball to show them see here is the third option for what you did not ask. Be like a rubber ball, having dropped no cracks appeared on the face, if hit slow, it comes with low speed and vice versa.

Take a life third law of NEWTON, every action has reaction, which is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction


Ranjeet Kumar

Management Consultant & Success Coach

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