Inspirational Story of DR. HOWARD KELLY

If you do good with someone trust me goodness will be paid off to you exponentially regardless of any form. There was a kid who was selling toys for earning bread and butter for for himself and family. One day due to hunger, he fell down on the road unconsciously. After few minutes he got senses, and knocked the door, in the form of human an angelic lady appeared and offered a glass of Milk. AFter having a glass of milk that innocent kid made a mission to work hard and hard to repay a glass of milk in any form. He started putting a lot of efforts in school to be more skilled and competent enough. After long struggles, this little kid became Dr. Howard Kelly.

One day that lady admitted into hospital due to chronic disease, when Dr. Kelly heard only the name of area, that someone has came from there, he left all important activities, he ran after that ward room, in the small glimpse he recognised her. After few days when lady was about to discharge from the hospital she felt something different. When she went to the counter and asked for bill from receptionist, smilingly, receptionist gave her bill with beautiful note “you bill has been paid off against one glass of Milk”

for further details please watch video .


Ranjeet Kumar

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