There is a story of newly married girl (Silvia) who is attached to her mother very much, because she lost her father when she was in 5th standard. Icing on the cake was that she forced her mother that she would marry of her choice. Mother smiled and get her convinced being a mother I would not suggest anything wrong, but if you think your choice will keep you happy then, I have no objection over it, just think of what, take care of yourself and if you need anything, just give me call or drop a text as I can make your things fixed, after all you are only a person in my life to whom I am living for.
Being a single parent, she accept her daughter’s wishes upto potential limits. Eventually, she agreed to her married with her choice Mr. Johan Adam. Mother was very happy to see happy her daughter, but internally she was sad, because, after her marriage she would be lonely.


Daughter shifted to california from New York city very next week of marriage. Daughter was living better life because her husband used to take her for dinner every week, both started working in different firms. Silvia used to get free on 4:30 pm and reaches home 5:00 or max till 5:15. But John used to return home very late due to workload because he was working on managerial positing. Silvia, being a stubborn and demanding wife, could not tolerate too much of late coming, started fighting with John for not giving her proper time. With the passage of time, one sided fight converted into two sided fight. After a long time, John calmness and power tolerance broken into screams and abuses, which was unbearable to Silvia, because she had not seen her appearance every before. You know what, one year old marriage rached at divorce. without informing John, Silvia left home angirly and went to Mother’s home. When mother saw Silvia for the 1st time after marriage, she started


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